Harmonized Halal Mark

By empowering the first ever Halal Notification scheme on a global stage by implementing a ‘Harmonized Halal Mark’

Promoting Global Halal Trade

By strengthening the role of Halal Certification Bodies with special emphasis on e-commerce and blockchain digital markets.

Contributing to the Global Halal Industrial Development

By ensuring compliance with Halal principles across a vast number of industries in consumables, non-consumables & service sectors, namely, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, animal & poultry feed, banking, hospitality, tourism, healthcare and supply chain.

Our Ultimate Objective

To implement the highest level of standardization throughout the Halal supply chain compliance assessment process.

At Muslim World League, our goal is simple: “To promote and empower the trade activities within the Halal markets and extend our support to the growing Muslim community”

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Get on board with a harmonized, traceable, compliant and continuously evolving Halal Certification Program.

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Revolutionizing the Global Halal Industry, One Step at a Time


A Straightforward Approach to Halal Notification Framework

Our global Halal traceability platform will facilitate smooth online registration for suppliers and notified Halal Certification bodies to allow instant and safe market access.


The Global Halal Pioneer

The Muslim World League is the most legitimate authority in terms of global Muslim Jurisprudence (Sharia’h) and values representation and guidance. Therefore, by adhering to the MWL notification scheme the Halal economic operators will benefit from a systematic approach and can meet superior service benchmarks that align with Islamic Jurisprudence and Muslim market access requirements.


Harmonized Standards and Regulations

Muslim World League is establishing the most practicable and robust Halal assurance system, to facilitate the global sustainability and comprehensive traceability of Halal food to serve both, the Muslim community and the global Halal industry.

A Valuable Partner

An Anchor of Trust By engaging with partners and stakeholders that are a pivotal part of the global Halal supply chain, Muslim World League is transforming the landscape of domestic Halal development.

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24/7 technical, consumer and CBs support center


Global Marketing Outreach: Muslim World League’s campaign for Halal provides a platform to market your Halal products and services at both governmental and consumer level.


Visionary Model for Halal: Be a part of the visionary model for the global Halal technical Network.

Innovation in Halal: Muslim World League Notification Scheme

To streamline the Halal compliance system on an international scale, we are proudly launching a new, collaborative, global Halal Notification Scheme.


Cross-Border Enhanced Marketability

Enhance the marketability of your products across the borders and to a wider consumer base by securing a Halal compliance certification.


Discover New Horizons

If you are an exporter of goods to KSA, acquiring a Halal compliance certification will open ways for you to discover new markets, enter into more profitable transactions, and get the products through customs without hassle.

About Muslim World League

The Muslim World League is an international non-governmental Islamic organization based in the Holy City of Makkah Al Mukarramah with a specialized arm to oversee implementation of Harmonized Halal Mark. By launching a comprehensive and systematic global effort, we are committed to activating and implementing a ‘Harmonized Halal Mark’. Through training, supervision, inspection, audit and certification, Muslim World League ensures compliance to Halal principles and practices across a wide array of sectors in consumables, non-consumables & service sectors, namely, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, animal & poultry feed, banking, hospitality, tourism, healthcare and supply chain.

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